Narrative Essay: My first day at the Adventist University.

Do you remember your first day at the university? In my case, the only thing I wanted when I was working during the summer was to go to the university. I really felt very happy but scared too, because I didn’t know any person; my first class was in English and none of my classmates understood what the teacher said.

Firstly, I didn’t know anybody. I was lost and I had to ask a person about the location of the classroom. That person was going to study English Pedagogy too, so we looked for the right classroom and we found it. When we came in the classroom, we felt strange.

Secondly, we sat down together and we realised that our first class was in English. Our first teacher was Miss Linda Westermeyer, she was an american woman, and I remember that we started singing a beautiful religious song called “I have the joy” and the melody was very nice.

Thirdly, the song stopped and Miss Linda started speaking in English all the time, I don´t know if I didn´t know English or Miss Linda had a high level; anyway, the thing was we didn´t understand anything and all of us were asking each other about what Miss Linda said, but nobody answered.

Finally, when the classes finished that day, we shared all together and talked in Spanish in order to know more about us, because at that time, english was an obstacle. I was really scared but happier. My parents were, and still they are very glad with the decision I made of studying in this espectacular place.


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